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The constant dialogue with our customers helps us to always come up with innovative and efficient solutions for the constantly changing transport requirements.

The state-of-the-art and versatile vehicle fleet comprises standard vehicles but also custom-tailored multimodal vehicle combinations. Independent of the type of cargo or sector, we offer the necessary equipment to do standard, large-size and heavy transports in a safe and target-oriented manner.

Pioneering developments is our commitment. Daily.



Our semi-trailer trucks also have something special to offer. They are available for light weights, heavy point loads and come with electrohydraulically adjustable tarpaulin cover.

– open with stakes or side boards
– loading platform extendible from 13.60 to 35m
– tarped off up to 4.0m in width and 4.45m in height
– Coil wells for drums or coils up to a payload of 70 tonnes



Crane and transport vehicle in one. With a special flatbed of low-height construction it can be used both for hauling containers of up to 3m in width and the erection of industrial gas tanks.   

– Front crane or rear crane of 69 tonnes

– Hoisting power up to 13 tonnes

– Jib length up to 18.1 m

– Truck loading area 6.1 m

– Trailer with loading ramps

– Trailer loading area 7 – 10m (telescopable)

– Extendable container locks up to 3 m in width

Schräglader Sondertransport Kahl Schwerlast


“Rather complicated” may turn out to be “relatively simple” when using a slope loader. Hydraulically adjustable platforms help hauling extra-wide freight on the road.

– Use for extra-wide freight

– telescopable up to 18m

– 2 to 9 axles with a maximum payload of 90 tonnes.

Schräglader Sondertransport Kahl Schwerlast
10 Achs Semi Tieflader Schwertransport Schlackenfahrzeug Kahl Schwelrlast


Long but nevertheless put straight to the point. When it comes to higher point loads various types of semi-low loaders are available, with or without tarpaulin, telescopable up to 30m.

Semi-low loader

– 3 to 10 axles
– payload from 35 to 110 tonnes
– loading platform from an elevation of 80cm, 8 to 38m in length

Jumbo semi-low loader

– both for large-volume and heavy cargo
– tarped-off, for weather-sensitive goods up to a 3.60m in height and 4.60m in width

Tieflader Schwertransport Behälter Kahl Schwerlast 2


Cargo up to 14m in length is hauled by low loaders just above the ground. In combination with our reinforced modules payloads of almost 300 tonnes loading weight are feasible.

  • 2 to 20 axles
  • payloads up to 300 tonnes
  • loading platform height of just 20cm
  • drop deck lengths from 4 to 14m
  • 3-axle drop decks, directly coupled up to a payload of 45 tonnes
Tieflader Schwertransport Behälter Kahl Schwerlast 2
Kesselbrücke Schwertransport Behälter Kamin Kahl Schwerlast


If height is of essence we use vessel/side girder decks with payloads between 20 and 600 tonnes and girder lengths of up to 50m, beyond that self-supporting systems.

  • to haul self-supporting and non-self-supporting goods
  • hydraulic width and height adjustment to cargo
  • for cargo up to a length of 100 m
  • extremely small or large ground clearance
  • unique axle-load optimized side girder deck


For transformer haulage we specially use schnabel bridges and transformer bridges with payloads of up to 600 tonnes.

  • Adapter for different transformer types and manufacturers
  • Both directly coupled and loaded into the bridge
  • Special lifting beams also used for load distribution
  • Axle loads can be reduced to 12 tonnes even at maximum weights
  • Transformers can be hydraulically lifted to 2,145 mm
Kahl Schwerlast Schwertransport Seitentraegerbruecke Transformator


G² I K 600 is a unique transport system of utmost flexibility being capable of bridging bridges in its true sense of the word.

As a high girder deck this concept is designed for configurations of up to 2 x 24 axles and a load-bearing capacity of up to 600 tonnes.

A multitude of applications provide for the optimal haulage of extremely heavy goods, such as generators, turbines, engines, reels and many others.

The exceptionally favorable ratio of deadweight and payload makes it possible to reduce the axle load to 12 tonnes even if maximum weights have to be carried.


Since it is possible to customize this haulage concept to the cargo heaviest goods can be carried optimized in terms of time, cost and safety, despite the current infrastructural problems.

  • flexible applications with a span of over 52m
  • customization to the size of the cargo
  • width infinitely variable from 1,620mm to 6,200mm clear load width
  • adaptation to the required number of axle lines of platform combination
  • vertical stroke in the loading section is 2,145cm
  • axle lines en 2×10 up to 2×24 in 2-,3- and 4-file design
  • asable as:
    – high girder bridge
    – bridge crossing system 36m
    – lifting portal
  • payloads up to 600 t
  • has multiple options to carry most various goods (e.g. generators, transformers, engines, turbines)
  • in connection with the main girder the cargo is placed on top of the main girder using consoles.
  • alternative load-carrying methods in the form of load hangers with cross beams,
  • or direct coupling to the Z-girders without main beams
  • or using supporting bogies with the help of a crane.


By using turntables as long-load haulers the lengths of weights of pipes, tanks and vessels are almost unlimited. Self-steering systems are used up to a loading weight of 800 tonnes.

  • self-propelled trailers of 3 to 32 axles
  • payload between 20 and 800 tonnes
  • on modular bogies both coupled individually and in parallel
  • in low beds with infinitely variable ride height of 1 to 1.50m
Anlieferung der Bauteile


Our 180 heavy-duty axle lines of modular design are extremely flexible and efficient haulage systems and can be optimally adjusted to the requirements of the relevant cargo and transport routes.

  • connectable in lateral direction 1.5-fold and parallel
  • payloads of 23 to 45 tonnes per axle line
  • payload in combination of bogies over 2,800 tonnes
  • additional components: goosenecks, draw gears, loading deck, vessel decks, crawler decks and drop decks, long material facilities, loft-bed trailers and extendable beams.This system provides almost boundless possibilities to tackle even the most complex haulage tasks.
05 spmt


Extremely heavy cargo is best hauled by our self-propelled modular transporters.

SPMTs are frequently used for off-shore jobs and power plant and plant constructions. They are not only used for the transport proper but also for exact positioning of large and heavy loads.

  • 62 SPMT axl lines in our vehicle fleet
  • Versatile steering options, such as counter-steering, diagonal crab steering, carrousel steering and 90° crab steering
  • Axle loads of 40 to 45 tonnes per axle line

05 spmt


Our technical capabilities have always made it possible to find solutions beyond all standards.

To provide services that exactly meet our customers’ needs when it comes to (heavy) haulage, loading aids, special structures and much more can be made at our own manufacturing facility whenever needed.

As early as in 1981 it was therefore possible to build the worldwide first 4-axle semi-trailer truck. This Kahl self-built has remained a milestone in the development of heavy-duty tractor units.

The overridable combined drop and vessel deck with removable hydraulic gooseneck was also developed in-house back in the 1980ies and has ever since being the basis of advanced combination bogies.

It was in 2010 when we presented for the first time a 5-axle semi-trailer truck with a total weight of 52 tonnes and a gross haulage weight of 500 tonnes.




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