Technical development

Technical development

Our technical capabilities have always made it possible to find solutions beyond all standards.

To provide services that exactly meet our customers’ needs when it comes to (heavy) haulage, loading aids, special structures and much more can be made at our own manufacturing facility whenever needed.

As early as in 1981 it was therefore possible to build the worldwide first 4-axle semi-trailer truck. This Kahl self-built has remained a milestone in the development of heavy-duty tractor units.

The overridable combined drop and vessel deck with removable hydraulic gooseneck was also developed in-house back in the 1980ies and has ever since being the basis of advanced combination bogies.

It was in 2010 when we presented for the first time a 5-axle semi-trailer truck with a total weight of 52 tonnes and a gross haulage weight of 500 tonnes.

It is the heaviest of its kind and in connection with the 3-axle semi-low loader specifically developed for it represents a new vehicle concept for the cost/time-optimized haulage of high-rise freight up to a loading weight of 45 tonnes.

Other examples of our technical developments:

  • Transport rack for wind power gear boxes protected against the influence of the weather
  • Hydraulically retractable turntable units
  • Transport rack for hot slabs/hot transports of up to 90 tonnes
  • Sloping loader designed for extra-wide cargo of up to 80 tonnes.


 2015 is another year to take challenges. In consequence of the bridge and infrastructural problems an axle load-optimized vessel deck and bridge crossing system is being manufactured after three years of planning for heaviest goods to be carried all over Europe.