PUSH AND PULL skidding system

PUSH AND PULL skidding system

For Installation and ground floor works we use an extremely low hydraulic skidding system of just 197mm in height.

This system makes it possible to move heavy units of up to 600 tonnes in transverse and longitudinal direction. It is used in particular where space is limited and service openings are narrow, and there is now way to use heavy-duty trucks.

2 x 32m skidding systems are available.

A mid-point loading of the skidding system beams of 100 tonnes per beam on 200mm is possible. The hydraulic cylinders can operate in two directions and thus both push and pull.

In connection with the turntable available the location of machines can be changed in different directions, i.e. longitudinally and transversely. As requested by the customer the heavy unit can be turned or shifted by any degree.     

An optimal load distribution prevents new, coated industrial floors from being damaged.