Wheel Load Scale

Portable wheel load scales of the Haenni WL103 type are used by the police to check the axle loads and gross weight of unloaded and loaded heavy-duty transporters.

With our own trained personnel and a larger number of own levelling mats we determine precise weights both for our own fleet and as a third party service

  • Personnel (weighers) trained according to the Calibration Ordinance (Eichordnung)
  • 32 levelling mats with a total length of 121m
  • Weighing of our own vehicles
  • Control results for police
  • Weighing as a third-party service


Hydraulic Weighing

Unit loads of up to 800 tonnes have to be routinely lifted and moved by our erection crew using  hydraulic jacks. At  customer’s request we also determine  the weights of the heavylift cargo. To this end we attach digital pressure gauges with an accuracy of +-0.5%.

This weigh scale is available as an alternative for weight measurements independent of any erection work. It is frequently used in absence of any other weighing facility, such as crane scale, floor scale.

Weighing of heavylift cargo by digital pressure gauges up to 1,000bar.