Special Equipment

Special Equipment

Our range of services is complemented by a multitude of special equipment.

It includes:

  • 400 elephant feet with static load analysis:
  • Vertical load up to 600 tonnes
  • Heights from 0.5 to 1m, different diameters
  • Can be used as a rack
  • can be moved by fork-lift truck and lifted by crane



  • to lift and handle loads of up to 240 tonnes
  • Lengths from 1.5 to 20m
  • Rotating cross beams up to 160 tonnes


 Track plates:

  • to make roadways passable 
  • to increase curve radiuses
  • to distribute loads
  • lengths from 2 to 8m, widths from 1 to 3.5m, thicknesses from 10 to 50mm


 Excavator mats:

  • for load distribution
  • 5m long, 1m wide, 120 to 300mm thick


 Steel girders:

  • to support
  • to underpin
  • to distribute loads
  • lengths of up to 12m, heights up to 650mm


  Oil pans:

  • for transformer storage
  • for use in warehouses and open-air storage sites
  • of different sizes