19. December 2019
The old year is almost over again - amazing how quickly time flies. Christmas is just around the corner.
Nevertheless, we did a lot together.
The time has come to pack his things and drive home, to...
11. December 2019
Do not miss!
On 19.12.2019 the heavy transport of the year will be shown on the television channel WELT (22:05) and N24Doku (23:05).
Look over our team's shoulders and embark on a nerve-wracking...
19. November 2019
It is still dark when we roll in the early morning hours with this year's Christmas tree on the Erfurt Cathedral Square.
As a shining center for the beautiful Erfurt christmas market a white tree...
8. November 2019
Last year we completed a project of a special kind. For this project we were also awarded the BSK-Award 2019 "Transport of the Year - 1st place".
 The almost one-year planning required...