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There’s no such thing as can’t be done | 01.08.2014

International heavy-duty haulage logistics fits the description of  the company name KAHL Schwerlast GmbH. Andreas Kahl is not only Managing Director of the company but also board member of  BSK Bundesfachgruppe Schwertransporte und Kranarbeiten (BSK) e.V. based in Frankfurt/Main. In this function he does a great deal on political level for better framework conditions of the heavy-haulage sector.

New loading potentials tapped for vessels | 01.12.2012
Is that art or for the trash can? | 12.03.2012
Immendorff sculpture being taken down but resurrecting elsewhere
Kahl sponsors Champions League participants | 01.04.2010
Reunion with former school mates | 01.04.2010
Christina Bellinghoven: Duisburg, Potsdam and back
A behemoth on 14 axles | 05.09.2009
Heavy-duty transport from Herdorf to Niederfischbach ending for now at the Siegerland rest house car park
Jumbo on the road | 05.08.2009
Heavy-duty truck on its way to Hamburg now
Jumbo on the road | 05.08.2009
Heavy-duty truck on its way to Hamburg now
Once pull, once push | 27.05.2009
Not every obstacle is a roundabout | 14.05.2009
Hydrogen tank arriving late at Asdorftal
175 tonnes overcome every obstacle | 14.08.2008
Quast successfully completed first heavy-duty transport from Eschweiler to BASF in Ludwigshafen
On shopping tour in Memmingen | 01.08.2008
Precision work despite storm and rain | 12.03.2008
The ground is firm: The new sluice gates fitted
214 tonnes riding through the night | 11.03.2008
214 tonnes riding through the night | 10.03.2008
Special transporters delivering the new sluice gates at a late hour
152 wheels for 160 tonnes | 07.03.2008
It took four nights to transport of a huge grinding bowl in North Rhine Westphalia
Heavy weights on the road | 16.11.2007
The Kahl Brothers also undertake special transports including all upstream logistic processes.
263 tonnes on the road | 23.05.2007
Heavy-duty transport of huge grinding bowl arriving in the night to Thursday
Skilful with 1,700 HP | 07.03.2007
A family outing for some, hard work for others
Three tractor units in action | 05.10.2005
The Duisburg ThyssenKrupp oxygen steel mill got two new ladle cranes in August
215 tonnes on 19 axles on the move to Barby | 27.06.2005
165 tonnes on the move | 29.07.2004
Large-scale machines made in Kassel setting forth on a journey to Saxony-Anhalt
Forwarder feeling up to the competitors | 09.11.2001
It’s not always difficult | 27.10.2001
The Metropaid – prestigious project of the North Rhine-Westphalian government
The creeping steel jumbo | 01.07.2001
Planners‘ precision work- Three months of preparation – Onlookers with champagne at the roadside
100 tonnes at walking speed to Buer | 19.02.2001
Heavy-duty transport at night: party atmosphere
A matter of millimeters at the crossroads | 01.01.2001
A grey giant moving through Hürth | 15.12.2000
32 m long, a chemical reactor for plastics manufacturing
Real traffic blocks | 20.11.2000
Jumbo on a journey | 20.02.1997

200 tonnes of steel nosed their way through Schwedt yesterday. A distillation column  being 45m long, 3.6m in diameter and   82 tonnes  was delivered to the PCK refinery.

How a jumbo slips through a bottleneck | 08.08.1993
Tricky heavy-duty transport on the HKM premises

Just 600 m from the destination headed for. But now comes the trickiest location to be overcome by the driver Udo Baumgarten on the 3km long journey.

Onlookers lining the road at night to watch the heavy-duty transport | 07.08.1993
Heavy truck train needs more than 10 hours for 12 km

Saturday night a 575 tonne heavy truck train rolls through the northern Ruhr area carrying parts of an air separation unit.

A monster made of sheet plate | 11.03.1983

Never before F.A. Neuman, a specialist in tank construction, built anything larger than the CO2 stripping column that was transported in two parts in the night from Wednesday to Thursday on a predetermined route from the centre of the town to Geleen in the Netherlands.

The iron monster on a journey | 11.03.1983

Roadblocks everywhere, police everywhere with blue lights switched on. Last night in Eschweiler at 10: the roaring engine of a 46m long giant transporter (5.20m wide, 4.70 m high).

Heavy-duty transport held up by motorway bridge | 11.03.1983

The transport could not but accept a one hour stop under the motorway bridge at Aachen-Verlautenheide . It went millimeter by millimeter.