High Girder Bridge

High Girder Bridge

G² I K 600 is a unique transport system of utmost flexibility being capable of bridging bridges in its true sense of the word.

As a high girder deck this concept is designed for configurations of up to 2 x 24 axles and a load-bearing capacity of up to 600 tonnes.

A multitude of applications provide for the optimal haulage of extremely heavy goods, such as generators, turbines, engines, reels and many others. 

The exceptionally favorable ratio of deadweight and payload makes it possible to reduce the axle load to 12 tonnes even if maximum weights have to be carried.

Since it is possible to customize this haulage concept to the cargo  heaviest goods can be carried optimized in terms of time, cost and safety, despite the current infrastructural problems.  

  • Flexible applications with a span of over 52m
    • Customization to the size of the cargo
    • Width infinitely variable from 1,620mm to 6,200mm clear load width
    • Adaptation to the required number of axle lines of  platform combination   
    • Vertical stroke in the loading section is 2,145cm
    • Axle lines en 2x10 up to 2x24 in 2-,3- and 4-file design
    • Usable as:                 
      • high girder bridge       
      • bridge crossing system 36m
      • Lifting portal


  • Payloads up to  600 t


  • Has multiple options to carry most various goods (e.g. generators, transformers, engines, turbines)
    •  In connection with the main girder the cargo is placed on top of the main girder using consoles. 
    • Alternative load-carrying methods in the form of load hangers with cross beams,
    • or direct coupling to the Z-girders without main beams
    • or using supporting bogies with the help of a crane.